How does a flywheel energy storage system work?

Our innovative flywheel energy storage system is working on the basis of levitation technology. It is a game changer in the energy storage market. Together with partners, COR-Energy is developing a few E-NER-COR models, which will help to increase energy efficiency for industrial enterprises, and store energy during the day to power industrial buildings at night. Flywheel energy storage systems powered by COR-Energy offer applications like power peak shaving and power backup for of hospitals and healthcare facilities, effectively reducing spikes in energy consumption and ensuring a reliable source during blackouts

COR-Energy revolutionizes fuel stations with cutting-edge sustainability solutions

COR-Energy implements energy-efficient solutions for the fuel stations, such as high-speed charging stations for EVs, solar canopy with a capacity of 220 kWh, powerful storage systems, an autonomous heating system based on a geothermal heat pumping, skylights in the building for the natural light distribution, fire protection reservoirs on the territory of the gas station, a children's playground, a green recreation area and modern landscape design.

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