This is a type of energy storage  based on electromechanical energy conversion. The main  feature of our flywheel energy storage is the use of magnetic levitation technology, which ensures a reduction in energy losses due to mechanical rotation. The name of our flywheel energy storage system ENE-R-COR with a model for different types of consumers:

  • Feilun S model is  suitable for households with a capacity of 100 kW/hour
  • Feilun PRO model, designed for the industrial market with a capacity range of 1000 kW/hour to 1 MW/hour.

Some of the key advantages of a flywheel energy storage system does not have electrochemical degradation, it has a lower energy storage losses, lower maintenance costs and a longer service life of at least 30 years, and the environmental neutrality of all system components.

Yes, it is. Flywheel energy storage devices from СОR-Energy have been tested in a wide range of conditions and in different test environments, as well as during operation.

The active elements of the structure involved in acceleration/braking are designed in this way with the calculation of heat generation. Magnetic gravity technology allows the flywheel storage system to rotate quickly without overheating and with almost no energy loss.

Yes, we offer solutions for  private households. COR-Energy offers an advanced energy storage system for individual use, especially, it can be suitable for the needs of solar power station owners and wind farms owners. We also are working on the manufacturing  of the flywheel energy storage system for industrial application

The energy of the rotating body allows flywheel energy storage system  to store electricity. A feature of our solution is magnetic levitation, which allows to reduce friction in the mechanical components of the structure.Because the flywheel is floating on a “magnetic pillow” and meets no air resistance, the energy loss is minimized and the flywheel can keep rotating until the energy is needed.

No, our equipment is a stationary solutions. It is not designed for mobility or portability but rather intended for fixed installations or use in a fixed location. Our flywheel energy storage system could be used to store energy at EV-charging stations for electric cars

Yes, please contact us. Our contacts are here and we will send you the catalogue in this case of your interests.

Yes, the СOR-Energy electricity storage system does not contain harmful substances and is environmentally neutral and can be completely recycled after the end of its useful life.

Our solutions can be integrated into any energy system and can be used to store energy from thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, mini-hydroelectric power stations and solar power plants

For households – 25 kWh
For industrial facilities – 100 kW/h – 1 MW/h

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The control system can be carried out through an external control panel, as well as from anywhere in the world using a mobile app and interface

It all will depend on the power of the load connected to the energy object

Our technology could potentially solve energy loss, peak load problems. Also we address the limited number of charge/discharge cycles.  The principal of the ENE-R-COR power storage is transformation of the electrical energy to kinetic and vice versa. Our solution can provide 1kWh in about 20 minutes by turning the flywheel, while electrochemical batteries take 5-10 hours to charge to this capacity.

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