Charitable Donations: COR-ENERGY Supports Cancer Diagnostics

Employees of the Ukrainian engineering company COR-Energy joined the charity initiative aimed in supporting the first pathology digital scanner in Ukraine.This medical equipment will be a significant progress in the medical technologies of Ukraine and will allow faster and more accurate diagnoses, which is extremely important in the treatment of cancer.

Annually, about 140,000 Ukrainians are diagnosed with cancer, and 63,000 (45%) patients die (according to the Ukrainian Cancer Registry).

Early detection of malignant tumors, accurate diagnosis, and monitoring of disease progression are crucial for successful cancer treatment. The new technology – digital pathology – can significantly improve the situation with cancer diagnosis and treatment in Ukraine.

Persons who wish to support the spread of advanced medical equipment in Ukraine can contribute by following the link to the IMIF International Fund for Medical Innovati on bank account fundraising page

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