COR-ENERGY is finalizing the construction of the first energy-efficient fuel station in Kyiv region

The construction of Ukraine’s first energy-efficient gas station, designed by COR-Energy, is nearing completion in Kyiv region.

Benefits of employing solar power at fuel stations

It has already completed the installation of a solar canopy with a total capacity of +200 kW (the total number of panels in the canopy is 432, each panel has a power output of 540 watts). A canopy powers 3 fast charging stations for electric vehicles, providing direct use of electricity or its storage in a 500 kW battery for later use; it also generates energy for parking lot lighting and other devices.

Natural light solution in the fuel station

The original design consists of the 25 flat roof skylights. It provides efficient daylight and a stylish look inside the  building. The main feature of these  domed ceiling windows is their streamlined dome shape. It does not allow precipitation to accumulate on the window, and the air gap between it and the double-glazed window increases the energy efficiency and sound insulation qualities of the structure.

The presence of skylights in the station premises not only ensures efficient work of the staff due to natural light, but also creates a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for customers.

Fire protection solutions and central heating autonomy

On the territory of the fuel station there are two fire protection water storage ponds with a volume of 120 m³. These  reservoirs not only fulfill their function of fire protection, but also form an integral part of the landscape and aesthetic appearance.

  1. Effective protection against possible fires
  2. Our special approach demonstrates the importance of integrating fire protection measures with the creation of a natural and aesthetic environment.

енергоефективна азс

In addition, another solution for energy autonomy is the use of two geothermal heat pumps with a capacity of 45 kW, which will heat the station’s building with an area of 2000 m², guaranteeing complete autonomy during the heating season. Geothermal heat pumps utilize the stable temperature of the ground, which allows for stable thermal comfort at any time of the year.

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